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It's Safe to Ask encourages patients and families to request the information they need in order to become active participants in their care. It includes easy-to-read materials for patients. Healthcare providers can also use this information with patients and families.

It’s Safe to Ask encourages patients and health care providers to ask and discuss 3 key questions:

1 – What is my health problem?

2 – What do I need to do?

3 – Why do I need to do this?

It’s Safe to Ask will:

• promote stronger communication between patients and providers,

• lead to more informed patients,

• increase awareness about the importance of communication,

• contribute to reduced patient harm and safer outcomes for patients.

Knowledge is critical to quality healthcare and improved health outcomes.

A well-informed patient:

 • asks questions,

 • tries to understand,

 • takes action for themselves and their families with their healthcare providers to become a team player in their healthcare.


Read more about It's Safe to Ask HERE.

Download or order posters and brochures HERE.

It’s Safe to Ask is adapted from a successful initiative in the United

States called Ask Me 3. Read more HERE.


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