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Patient Engagement

Patients and families can engage in their healthcare in many ways.

For example:

 • Give input on how healthcare settings are designed to respect patient needs

 • Be a member of groups to have a say in how care is delivered

 • Be an engaged and respected member of one’s care team

This website has tools to guide patients and families on how to engage in their healthcare.

Patient safety refers to actions taken to prevent harm to patients that result from healthcare services.

Everyone has a role to play in patient safety. Healthcare providers, facilities, and the public can take actions to improve patient safety.

The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety (MIPS) believes an important role for patients and families is to engage in their healthcare. Their efforts help to reduce patient harm and improve patient safety. For details, see MIPS Declaration of Patient and Family Engagement in Patient Safety.

One way we can do this is to emphasize the importance of health literacy.

Health literacy is the ability to access, understand, evaluate and communicate information needed to make healthcare decisions. It is important so that people can take a more active role in decisions about their health.

It's Safe to Ask is an initiative to improve health literacy

in Manitoba. Read more HERE.

Engaging Patients in Patient Safety – A Canadian Guide: This online Guide offers patients, patient partners, managers, and leaders guidance and tools to engage for safer care. It is to be can be used in all healthcare settings. Read more HERE.


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